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Standup Comedy

Having grown up on standup comedy, I often fantasised about doing it, but never imagined having the nerve.


As my stage confidence grew performing music, though, I realised I was in the luxurious position of trying jokes between songs, namely reverse heckling. If a joke worked, the room became more receptive, if not, I’d proceed with a song, disarming the awkwardness in a single strum.


After 11 years of deliberation, I first performed standup comedy at Little Woodrow’s Austin Texas. My hands were sweating as I walked on stage, with nary a guitar to hide behind. My opening joke utterly, totally, completely tanked, falling 407% flat and confirming all my fears. But, thank fuckfully, the second joke landed, as did the third and the fourth, until I saw the most divine sight I'd ever seen, the light signaling I had only one minute left.


I came back the following week and the week after that, and have been doing standup ever since.

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