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  1. Ordinary Man

  2. The Sa Wa Dee Lobby

  3. Soldiers Of The Day


Audioride’s second EP. The name was an affectionate response to the fact that we never stopped banging on about wanting to play gigs in India. I got there years later; see Man Dog Bike.




I have never been shot

God only knows just how long I’ve got

And I ain’t waiting on god

He doesn’t get out much or return his calls

And I have never been wrong

But like a falling dart I’m spinning again


Sometimes I’ve been caught

On a leaking boat on a foreign shore

Waves throwing me like a rag doll

They got me clutching onto all I know

I’m the maker of my own storm

Got me punching water and drowning again


Chorus –

I’m an ordinary man

With an ordinary hand

In an ordinary world

Extraordinary world

All I know is all I am

I’m your ordinary man


I may never go far

God only knows just how far I’ve come

And I have never been loved

I fly in circles like an injured dove

And I have never been caught

Hunter, hound or fox I’m running again


Chorus reprise –


I’m fascinated, segregated, hesitated, situated

I’m contemplated, estimated, overstated, underrated

I’m agitated, integrated, assassinated, and I’m running again


Chorus reprise –


He hits the bell at reception

In the Sawadee lobby

A white suit man and a ceiling fan

Makes you wonder how he breathes

The room is in slow motion

There’s a deal that’s going through

A knowing sun is signing off

To an unsuspecting moon


The ceiling fan may hypnotise

But I’m sure that statue moved

I’m watching you been watching me

Circling around the room

The perfect face, a sliver case

Settles in with a glass or two

The swill of gin, a winning grin

You’re looking like to lose


Mercury rising

The night is heavy in the breeze

Twitches of suspicion

Shadows flicker to the tease

Nodding heads and darting eyes

Glowing red throughout the room

A jungle beat, a primal tie

Is closing in on you


A drop off man, a pickup van

The burning deal is smoking through

Onto you that you’re onto me

I’ll be careful how I move

Night vision and a quick decision

No time to learn the rules

He’s dead on the hour

You’re looking like to lose


Wake in fright, it’s just a dream

On my back in Sawadee

The lobby is dead there’s no one there

A heavy breath, a heavy stare

Check out time is overdue

And at reception I see you

Stare the face or split the scene

You’re looking like to lose



No one leads in the chain

Of modern soldier slaves

It doesn’t flex it only breaks

It never looks you in the face

It makes sense they say

But what’s sense anyway?


You never thought

To let go of the wheel

To watch them veer away


Chorus –

They assemble in the rain

They’re the soldiers of the day

They never question or explain

Of all the plans that soldiers make

To spin the world the other way

But when you’re in control

You really know you’re not


Of all the plans I’ve made

And turned to paper planes

I might climb on board

The chance to elevate

Play on in the game

It’s a playoff everyday


You never thought

To let go of the wheel

To see where you end up


Chorus reprise –

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