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  1. Guest Ascenders

  2. Fortune's Always Hiding

  3. Golden Carrot (Horse Racer Mix)


Audioride’s first EP. This is the unapologetic debut noise of three lads caught on tape, recorded by engineer extraordinaire Idge.




Watch them climb
The guest ascenders of the room are spiders
At least they know what they want

Downward eyes
Swelling up like rising tides

Your luck has never run that dry


When I was a boy
I should have just ran away
But how far would I get?
Before I’m on my way back here again


Waking sore
Wipe the dust off ancient 26-year-old

Build it up to wash it away

Try elate
Shift a gear

Lifting fingers proves to be
As tiring as lifting weights


Chorus reprise –


Watch them climb

The guest ascenders of the room are spiders

At least they know what they want



Concrete man fell to dust lured in by eyeful

Her frozen hand he’ll kill to touch master plan insightful S

he wakes to find him at her feet

His blinded by the ecstasy


Lured in and tangled up resolution dead man

The one way out conform to her dirty work on your hand

He’ll rise to meet her every need

His blinded by the ecstasy


She pats the demons at her feet ​

A million laps

Of an endless track

The longing to go back

The tangle of the web

The pendulum will swing

And fortune’s always hiding


Fingertips tap in time while the pendulum swings in the hallway

Hit or miss power trip at least it’s been a nice change

Been a nice change




It’s true that she’ll always be

A living mystery to he

There’s too much sugar in this black coffee

Given some time it’s bound to hurt me

​May as well be cashing in on his pain

Just another day bleeding red again

Will he always feel a beaten slave?

And will tomorrow prove to be the same


It’s true that she’ll always be

My only light in the darkest sea

It’s been like this for centuries

Golden carrots hang in front of me

Swinging promised clash like bells

Send me into a dizzy spell

You won’t hear I’m sure you’ll tell

About that day the first one fell


Chorus reprise –


I’m like a stone condemned to the sea

Sinking for a week wondering what will be

Holding my breath wishing for the beach

Another swinging promise just out of reach

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