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  1. Tick Tock Time

  2. Drive Into the Sun

  3. Kick the Moon

  4. Headspace

  5. Alone I Walk Out

  6. Private Jungle

  7. Dissolve (I Just Wanna Rise)

  8. Golden Carrot (Summer Mix)

  9. Now I Walk

  10. Kick the Moon (Late Arvo Mix)

  11. Tick Tock Time (Bass In the Key of Reverie)


This album is quite simply, an accident. Not that I, in a moment of weakness, made love to a blank CD, or that the songs by any means wrote themselves. No, I, through many long anxiety-riddled days and nights, took the time to write them. But where my old band Audioride (myself on vocals, guitar, piano. Matty Ryan on drums, and Dale Trickett on bass) were at a stage ready to demo our set with mind to stand back, assess the demoed songs, choose the best four, and rerecord and release an EP, I, as the songwriter, got a fraction carried away.

We first went into Idge’s studio and recorded the drums and bass (myself providing guide vocals as a reference for the rhythm section boys). My guide tracks were deleted on the day, and, with mind to save us a pile of coin, I, in a cyclone composed more of determination than technical aptitude, endeavoured to continue the process of tracking the guitars, pianos and final vocals, back home.

My poky childhood bedroom – containing no more than a pine desk, a wobbly red stool, and my trusty PC – assumed role of the project’s cockpit. My older brother’s abandoned room next-door – containing my heavily-cranked guitar amp, and, a single drum mic with the hardiness to suck it up – assumed the cabin of rollicking sound. The words ‘Don’t ya reckon it’s getting a bit late!’ and ‘Phone!’ were on many occasions barked by Dad downstairs, but, wishing to refrain from featuring his hollers on the songs, I recorded around his schedule of sitting in front of the telly as artfully as possible.

I was supposed to be quick, the very opposite of precious, but I guess I should speak only for myself when I say it, that for a young songwriter there are few highs higher than hearing the music you’ve been carrying around in your head become born into the outside world. In spirit of this labour of love, it was many all-consuming weeks later that I crawled out of my little room.

Delighted with my efforts, I played the final product to band-brothers Matty and Dale. ‘It’s good!” they said, frowning as much as smiling, ‘But it was meant to be a demo, not a f*cken album!’ ‘Sorry…’ I returned. But it is now, several years later, that I release it without apology.





Run jump fly

You’re flying on tonight


Dark dim bright

You dilate to the light


Drip drop dry


Tick tock time

The pounding numb in rhyme


Slip fall die










Throw your head away

Tie it to the wind and let it sail

You’re on the road and half awake

Evolution’s left you frayed


Mother should I stay?

She can’t remember life before the pain

A pretty frame without a face

Who’d rather run than sit and waste


Chorus –


You’ll drive yourself into the sun

You’re going off like a broken gun


You know that you’ll be beautiful again


Bleeding for a dream

Something’s eating you, well so it seems

Is it me? Coz I want more

I’ll be bleeding at your door

And shadows strobe your face

Like memories

You’re short of breath and fire

Leave them behind, please let me go


Chorus reprise –


Trying to throw a line around a future life

Reel me in (reel me in)

It's just a state of mind I cannot touch

The future never exits


Chorus reprise –


You’ll get there but your

Hair’s a mess

Your makeup’s run

You’re going off like a broken gun

You’re short of breath

And short of fire

Tripping over the finish line


Grip the road like a safety rope

Reel it in you’re getting old

And running from yourself

With a suitcase full of hell




So you’re lost

The four-walled house of glass

You float across

Wading through the smoke

And I know


Take my hand

I almost know where I am

Let’s spin and dance

And watch this world dissolve


Chorus –

Climb on up the fairytale vine

Watch your feet now you’re getting high

Kick the moon, steal the light, up you come

Forget your feet, forget your mind

The world will be there next time

Climb on up the fairytale vine


It’s night (it's night)

I’m tired (I'm tired)

Let’s drag ourselves outside (drag ourselves outside)

Like rope (like rope)

Entwined (entwined)

So slowly we unwind


Chorus reprise –


Climb (ooh ooh)

Climb (ooh ooh)

Climb (ooh ooh)

Climb (ooh ooh)




At clock on time

I’ll be sure to think of you mate

At half past nine

We snuck out at night

We were 15 years of age

Burning time


But you were like a recipe

Desperate to hit the plate

I just could not taste


But the undertow within his veins

Washed away the pain


Chorus –

He played those days like games

Trading foil bags for chains

Weighing heavy on his name

And headspace


Colours spilled

Left an ever-running stain

On and on and on and on you ran away

The moon is still

And the stars forget your name

A burning tail fades


Now you’re just a memory

Spreading out across the page

I wish I could erase


Chorus reprise –




Feel the oceans rise

Hear the closing skies

It’s happening again

To put it quite simply

I struggle just to breathe

I run on ten percent


Push me off like a toy boat

Wish me well in the undertow

I’m shimmering like a pyramid

The water’s coming in


Chorus –

And you hold me down

Drag me out

Where would I be now without the ghost at my back?

So you hold me down

Drag me out

Alone I walk out


Drive me to my knees

Straight jackets in the breeze

You haunt me like an ex

I reach down to rip you up

Unwanted occupant

I’ll get to you just yet


I’m underground, I need up

Head in hand, dirt in cup

I’m stuttering like a skipping disk

The water’s coming in


Chorus –

Still you hold me down

Drag me out

Where would I be now without the ghost at my back?

So you hold me down

Drag me out

Alone I walk out


Get me out of here

Get me out of here

Get me out of here

Alone I walk out




Read between the lines of the corporate life

Voluntary imprisonment, do you strive?

The pot is cooked, the water is boiled

The ice is cracked, the mountain soiled

World wars three to nine before our eyes

Happens in the air, the air we tear

The city glows, it sweats and smells

As we flick though the channels to find our hell


Chorus –

Let’s go, let’s go

Let’s let that city burn

Let their private jungle churn

White-eyed but never learned

Let’s go, let’s go

A deep breath and I now know

So sweet but somehow stern

Let’s let that city burn


Mother nature talks she quietly screams

Within the trees is an angry breeze

The branches dance to an ancient call

Beyond we know they’ve seen it all

The frowning sun he grins and smiles

Plans a cutthroat revenge for his third best friend

A frightened howl of an injured dog


Chorus reprise –




Sleep be still ambitious hearts

Beat as you will

Or slow down

Fall to your dream

Where they cannot touch

Where walls dissolve

Walk on out


I don't know

I don't care

Where you go

I'll be there


Hitch on the breeze

Like a newborn kite

Fly with me

Or watch me rise

Like smoke

From a burning crash

Quick get out

Don’t look back

I'm humble now


If you walk

I will run

Like a train

I'm gaining


Chorus –

Cos I just wanna rise

And before getting old

I'd love to know

The secret of your life

Over glass or stone

You just glide on

On and on



It’s true that she’ll always be

A living mystery to he

There’s too much sugar in this black coffee

Given some time it’s bound to hurt me


I’m like a leaf soaking in the day

When my seasons is up I’ll float away

Back to the earth it’s time to pay

My back is getting sore while I lie this way



It’s true that she’ll always be

My only light in the darkest sea

It’s been like this for centuries

Golden carrots hang in front of me


Swinging promised clash like bells

Send me into a dizzy spell

You won’t hear I’m sure you’ll tell

About that day the first one fell

I’m like a stone sinking in the sea

Sinking for a week wondering what will be

Holding my breath wishing for the beach



It’s true that she’ll always be

My only light in the darkest sea

It’s been like this for centuries

Swinging promises out of reach



I’m jumping out of planes

I’m wide awake

As I fell I screamed your name



And now I walk

And sometimes move too fast


The only man on the moon

In a crowded room

Standing like deadwood

I cannot move


Juggling all the options

I’m confused

I could drop it all and walk away


Chorus reprise  


And when I let go is when I found out

I’m better off not looking down


Chorus reprise  

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